Self Tanners for Fair Skin

September 03, 2017

When you’re a fair skinned girl, trying to find the perfect self tanner can be quite the problem. Something that doesn’t make you look like you’re auditioning as an extra for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, yet something that has enough impact to give you that “healthy glow” (#palegirlprobz). Luckily I’ve managed to find 3 products that I swear by if I need to bronze up!

The one for quickness.. Bondi Sands Liquid Gold £14.99 - The Bondi Sands Liquid Gold is a dry oil that dries instantly, develops throughout the day and theres no need to wash off when fully developed. It’s a colourless product when dried so there isn’t a guide colour, but if applied in sections it’s easy enough to apply evenly. I usually use about 2 applications which leaves a nice golden finish and looks really natural on the skin (one thing to note is that it does only come in one colour, so depending on the number of times applied the deeper the colour will go). I would advise exfoliating before hand and moisturising elbows, wrists, knees & ankles, and also applying with a tanning mit. I can usually get a good 3-4 days before it starts to fade, and even then it fades really evenly and doesn’t go patchy. 

The one without any mess.. St. Tropez Gradual Tan (Light/Medium) £9.67 - The St. Tropez Gradual Tan is a moisturising lotion that you use in place of your usual moisturiser and, as the name suggests, gradually tans throughout the day. As it is a moisturiser it can be applied like normal with your hands, however as usual you need to ensure that you wash them when your finished. I use the shade Light/Medium and it leaves the skin with a natural glow which usually lasts about 2-3 days (it can last longer if you keep applying daily). It is quite a heavily scented product and the smell can be a bit over powering, but it’s nothing unpleasant and I do think the results are worth it. The only cons I’ve found is that it can take a while to dry in and when it starts to fade, it does so quite patchy. All in all I’d say its definitely worth picking up if you're looking for a tanner thats easy to apply.

The one that lasts.. Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 Week Self Tan Lotion (Medium) £37.50 - It kind of hurts me to mention this one, the thought of spending £37.50 on a tanner is a bit ridiculous, but it’s just so damn good. If I know I have a few things going on and I know it’s going to be a bit of a faff reapplying false tan every couple of days, then this is the one I reach for every time. It’s a lotion consistency and needs to be applied with a tanning mit and I would say exfoliating is essential before hand. It’s a coloured lotion so it’s easy to see where you’re applying it and it goes on really evenly. I have the shade Medium and it develops perfectly for a natural glowy tan. It’s one that needs to be developed and then washed off a couple of hours later, it dries quite quickly once applied and it doesn’t transfer on to any clothes or bedsheets. I usually apply 2 applications and that lasts between a week and a half and 2 weeks, the bottle does say that it can last up to 3 weeks however I’ve never braved a 3rd application to test this. Like with the Bondi Sands tan it fades really evenly so no harsh exfoliating is needed to get the last bit of tan off.. it is a lot of money to spend on a tan but I’d say its worth every penny!

What are your favourite/least favourite tanning products?

Steph xo


Iconic London Haul & First Impressions

August 27, 2017

“Be Original - Be Iconic!”

I’m sure by now you’ve all heard of the brand Iconic London, they're having quite a moment over on instagram right now. Just incase you’ve missed it, they're a British brand that was founded by makeup artist & stylist Jade Elliott in 2015. Their known for their vegan & cruelty free “Pro Evo” makeup brushes and speciality in contouring and highlighting products. With celebrity admirers like Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigan I think 2017 is the year that they’ve truly become a cult classic brand. 

I’ve been lusting after their illuminator drops for a while so I decided that it was time to get my hands on them.. and obviously it would be rude not to add a few other things to my order! 

Iconic London Pigment Foundation Stick (0.1 Naturale with cool undertones) £24.99 - The pigment stick can be used as a foundation or contour product, and they come in a whole range of colours (18 in fact). I’m quite impressed with the shade range because they do cater for fair and deep skin tones. As you might have guessed they are highly pigmented, so it does offer a full coverage.. a little really does go a long way. I did notice that on mornings when my room was a little colder (thanks to the limited British summertime we get) that the product was a little difficult to blend in, so I would recommend warming the product up before application. What impressed me the most was that the foundation seemed to look better on my skin as the day wore on, anything that I don’t need to touch up is a winner for me!

Iconic London Multi Use Cream Contour Palette £32.99Contour palettes aren’t something that I use daily (mainly because my weekday makeup look is “she overslept and has 5 minutes to get ready”), but when I do want to do a full face I think a little contouring is essential for me to achieve the full glam look. While powder contouring is great, I find that cream contours offer a little more subtly. The Iconic cream contouring palette comes in 1 shade, but I do think that it will be suitable for a lot of different skin tones. I find that the creams are really blendable, but can be built up to create a stronger contour. My only con with this palette is that it does leave the skin quite dewy and if it’s not set right can have a tendency to slip, but thats nothing that a touch of setting powder won’t fix. I do think the pros outweigh the cons with this one and I would recommend if anyone is looking for a cream contour palette.

Iconic London Illuminator Drops (in Shine) £29.99 - So this is what I was lusting after for a long time. The Illuminator Drops are basically pure & intense highlight in a bottle. There are 3 shades available: Shine – pink based shimmer to add a pearly shine, Original – champagne toned shimmer to add a golden shine & Glow – terracotta toned shimmer, to add deeply a golden shine. I ordered Shine as I thought it might be the best colour for my skin tone. So the product itself - the colour is beautiful and the highlight isn’t like anything I’ve ever owned (although I would say its probably similar to the ABH Liquid Glow or the Custom FX Enhancer Drops), it’s just pure glow! The only thing is that it does set really quickly, it needs to be blended out straight away or it can leave a stripe of highlight.

Iconic London Limited Edition Pro Evo Buffer Brush £32.99 - Firstly I need to take a moment to say how beautiful the design of this brush is, that rose gold handle! *heart eyed emoji* It’s also by far the softest brush I’ve ever owned. The bristles are densely packed but not so much that it starts to take the product off. I have only used this with the cream pigment stick and the cream contour palette so far but it does blend the product in beautifully.

Has anyone else tried Iconic London products? What else would you recommend? 

Steph xo


Blog Update!

July 09, 2017

Okay so it’s been awhile.. 

First of all, if anyone does actually read any of my ramblings I want to say thank you. I’ve been a bit on the rubbish side with blog posts these last few months, I’ve had a lot going on in my personal life and between that and work I feel like I haven't had much time to dedicate myself to my blog.

Secondly, I feel like i’ve been trying to make this blog in to something it’s not. I follow and read quite a few different types of blogs and I think when I started I thought I had to have a wide variety of content included, and while I do love reading other peoples views on lifestyles, fitness, baking and so on, I realised it’s not me. I was creating draft posts on things that I wasn’t passionate about, and because of that they weren’t good enough to post. 

So, where does that leave me with this blog? Well, beauty & makeup have always been my passions. Wether its beauty/glam/horror/halloween makeup looks, product reviews, hauls, or just a good old chit chat about all things cosmetic, thats where this blog is heading.

I want this blog to be full of posts that I’ve created about things I’m passionate about, post’s that I’d enjoy reading and hopefully other people will too.

For now, I hope everyone is having a good Sunday, I’ll have some new posts soon, promise!
Steph xx

P.s I know the picture doesn’t exactly go with the post, it’s just a happy place picture! Ha.

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