Colourpop Cosmetics Haul & First Impressions

by - February 05, 2017

So, my first blog post.. It's kinda scary, ill keep it simple - Makeup.

I've been dying to get my hands on some of the Colourpop cosmetics ever since I saw Kathleen Lights talk about them on her youtube channel about 2 years ago.

The Brand

Colourpop is an American brand thats had quite a lot of hype on social media. It's not easily accessible here in the UK but you can find some of their products on websites like Amazon or eBay, however i'm always weary as i'm never 100% sure the seller is reputable (plus they can be way over priced a lot of the time!).

The prices of the Colourpop products usually range between $5 - $8 and international shipping is $9.99, plus orders are usually subject to some customs fee's. If however you have great friends like mine (or y'know, sign up to their newsletter) you'll know that sometimes there is free international shipping on orders over $50, bargain. Unfortunately customs fee's still apply (£17.70 for my order) but personally, its totally worth it *heart eyes*. Oh and did I mention that they don't test on animals?

The Products

So, on to the good stuff.. I ordered 3 of their super shock shadows, 1 Creme Gel Liner,  2 Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks, 2 Ultra Satin Liquid Lipsticks, 1 Ultra Glossy Lipstick, 1 Lip Pencil & 1 Lippie Stix.

Firstly, Eyes:

I Heart This (Metallic) - A gorgeous taupe shade with tons of silver glitter (& my favourite!)

Supermodel (Pearlized) - A soft ivory with a golden pearled finish.

Mixed Tape (Pearlized) - In-between a grey and a mauve with a silver sheen.

Mr Bing Liner - A rich matte brown.

The shadows are almost a cream texture until you apply and then they have a powder finish.  I would advise applying these shadows with your finger, as the colour pay off with a brush just isn't the same, and then blending the edges out.  All of the shadows are very pigmented (I did have to work a little harder with Supermodel) and quite easy to blend.
I've been on the look out for a brown eyeliner for quite some time, something thats a bit more daytime appropriate as black can be a little harsh sometimes and the Mr Bing Liner is perfect! It's a rich warm toned brown thats completely matte and has quite some staying power.

Lip Products:

Trap (Ultra Matte) - A dusty grey/mauve shade - so 90's.

Lumiere 2 (Ultra Matte) - A deep mauve shade & Kathleen Lights creation.

Frick N Frack (Ultra Satin) - A rosy terracotta shade (similar to KVD Lolita with more of a red tone).

Magic Wand (Ultra Satin) - A true nude lip.

Fairy Floss (Ultra Glossy) - A sheer nude lipgloss thats perfect for topping any lipstick.

Aquarius (Lippie Stix) - A soft pinky nude, the most "your lips but better" shade i've ever owned.

Lumiere Lippie Pencil - A dusty mauve shade (not as deep at the ultra matte lip).

Now I haven't managed to test all of the lip products properly yet but from first impressions, I am in love. Considering these products are roughly $5 the quality isn't lacking. The Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks hang around, i mean after eating and drinking all day I barely had to touch up. They have quite a thin formula which makes applying them a breeze and once dried down the don't appear patchy (I'm looking at you Lolita).
I wore Aquarius over Charlotte Tilburys Pillow Talk yesterday and I think it has to be one of my favourite combinations - the colour, as I mentioned before, really is the best "your lips but better" shade. There is a certain amount of sheen to Aquarius that gives a plumping effect to the lips but not enough that you will constantly have to reapply all day (I think i reapplied 3 times in 1 whole day).

I'm so impressed with Colourpop, there really is nothing like it for the price over here in the UK. All of their products that I tried are so pigmented and the range of colours to choose from is unreal, I'll definitely be placing another order sometime in the not so distant future!

Has anyone else tried Colourpop makeup? What are your thoughts?

Steph x

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  1. *totally not stalking back to your first ever post hahaha*

    I have wanted to try Colourpop for sooooo long but keep putting it off because of the shipping! Everything you got looks amazing though!! I'll make an order one day... haha!

    Kerrabella |

    1. At least I know someone is reading! Thank you for the comments :)

      I really really like colourpop! And because they do a lot of free shipping over $50 it brings the price down.. it's just the customs fees depending on how much you order!

      I think the lippie stix in Aquarius and the Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick in Magic Wand are my most used lip products tbh! xx