Ouai - First Impressions

by - March 19, 2017

So out of everything that falls under the beauty related category hair/hairstyling really isn't my thing. I mean, I can kind of put a presentable wave in my hair but if you mention a braid or any kind of up-do, forget it. When it comes to products I’m a “use whatever’s there” kinda girl but lately I’ve wanted to make more of an effort with my hair. Ouai (pronounced “way”) is a brand thats had a lot of hype this past year, its the brain child of celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin, who is responsible for the hair of the Kardashians, so I had high hopes!

Ouai Clean Shampoo - £22.00
I’ve had this on my wishlist for a while now. I have a lot of hair and its quite fine, so due to this my hair can go greasy really quickly. I wanted a clarifying shampoo that wasn’t going to strip any colour from my hair, but deeply cleanse my hair at the same time. The Ouai Clean Shampoo is a sulphate free clarifying shampoo that eliminates build up and detoxes the hair. It’s quite thick in texture and you do need to work it into your hair to lather it up, but I do find this does a really good job at removing all build up from my hair. One thing to know about me.. I hate washing and drying my hair, like I could literally think of a thousand and one things I would rather be doing, by using this I’d say I get an extra day out of my hair which makes it a winner to me. Oh as it is a clarifying shampoo I do make sure to use a deep conditioning treatment afterwards as I do find the ends of my hair can go bit dry. 

Last Year I finally bit the bullet and got a lot of my hair chopped off (about 5 inches I believe) and while I love my shorter hair, it does take bit more effort in the styling department.. No more just brushing my hair and being done with it. As I mentioned I’m not one to use a ton of products on my hair, but I knew I needed a decent texturising spray if I wanted to keep things as simple as possible. I’ve always had my eye on the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, but every time I added it to my basket I’d cry a little when I looked at the price (£41 for a hair product!) and then I would swiftly remove it back to my wishlist. So when I seen all the hype for the Ouai Texturising spray for nearly half the price I knew it was something that I needed to try. It’s a mixture between a texturing spray and a dry shampoo, it gives my hair enough grit to give it that second day “I just woke up like this” effortless hair, and enough hold to keep my waves in place while making sure it doesn't go stiff with too much product. The spray does have quite a distinct scent which i personally like, but I have seen quite a few people who were a little off put by it, so if your sensitive to smell it is something to keep in mind. 

I’m quite impressed with both of the products that I’ve used, next on my list is the finishing cream and hair oil.. has you tried any of the Ouai products? Do you think their worth the hype?
Steph x

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  1. I´ve never tried anything from this brand before, the shampoo looks quite promising

    Vanessa x | www.springlilies.com

    1. I'm impressed with the things I've bought, I do think their a bit pricey for hair products but their lasting quite well and making my hair routine easier! :)