April Favourites!

April 30, 2017

April is one of my favourite months of the year, it’s the start of spring, the nights stay lighter just that bit longer.. oh and it’s my birthday! It’s been a bit of a hectic month for me but these are some of my favourite things from it.

I’ve been a wrestling fan (on & off) for nearly 20 years now and every year the WWE have their biggest pay per view in April.. Wrestlemania. I managed to actually go to Wrestlemania in Texas last year, but this year I had to make do with watching it in Camp & Furnace, while there is nothing like actually being there it is a good alternative. Favourite moment has to be The Hardy Boyz making a comeback, and a bittersweet moment at the end where The Undertaker lost his final match and retired (all time favourite, incase anyone was wondering). It was actually a really solid pay per view this year.

I turned another year older on April 10th and I had possibly one of the quietest birthdays i’ve ever had in my life. Unfortunately I had to work on my birthday this year, but I spent my night eating chocolate cake, drinking wine & spending some time with my family. It’s strange to think that a couple of years ago I would make such an event out of my birthday, usually planning a night out in a different city, I think as I get older I’m definitely becoming more of a homebody.

I first heard of The Ordinary through an Instagram story of Fleur De Force, it’s a skincare range of the brand Deciem. The concept behind the brand is to make products using only ingredients that are scientifically proven to help the skin, meaning they are sold at an affordable price point. I placed an order for a couple of products which I’ve been using all month, and I have to say I’m very impressed! I do have a full review of the products coming up in a couple of weeks.

One of my favourite things to do is to listen to music, I pretty much always have something on in the background whatever I’m doing. Whilst I do have my firm favourites, there is something so satisfying about finding an artist that you’ve never heard before.. or the newest song from one of your favourites. I find the Apple Playlists on Apple Music are perfect for this (also Spotify is a great alternative), one of my favourite playlists at the moment and one I have had on repeat this month is the Mellow Days playlist. It has a lot of new music from mainstream artists but there are also some diamonds from newer artists. It gets updated weekly so it is constantly changing, it’s perfect for background music and chilled out days.

I have been wanting to redecorate my room for the longest time and this month I finally decided to just get up and do it. It did take a little longer than expected and I may have had a mini meltdown while doing it, but it’s coming along well. I wanted it to be nice and bright, so I painted the walls white (I’m a poet & I didn’t know it.. okay I’ll stop) and its crazy the difference it makes. I still have a few things to do & a few things to buy but I’m happy with the way it’s turning out.

So a couple of my favourite things from this month, I can’t believe it’s May tomorrow, how quickly is this year going? I’m sure it was like New Years last week.

Steph xo


7 Nude Lipsticks For Any Look

April 23, 2017

I always think a nude lipstick in your makeup collection is what jeans are to your clothing collection.. reliable, easy to wear and can pretty much go with anything. I have 7 nude lipsticks in my collection and at some point or another they were all my go to’s on pretty much a daily basis.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm - £5.50 - The NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm is a peachy nude and with my fair complexion, its probably one of the brightest nudes I own. The formula isn’t like any other lip product I’ve tried, it’s a cream/mousse formula and it glides onto the lips easily. It doesn’t totally dry down like a matte liquid lipstick so that makes it a lot more comfortable to wear, but because of this it’s not the longest lasting lipstick out there. All of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams have quite a sweet scent (think vanilla cupcake) which i personally love, but I think could be bit overpowering for some people.

Colourpop Lippie Stix in Aquarius - $5.00 - This is Kathleen Lights creation, it’s a soft pinky nude and currently one of my most worn lipsticks at the moment. It is a creamy formula with a pretty good amount of pigmentation and leaves a slight gloss to the lips. I don't find I need to reapply much with this one as I can usually get a good 3 hours out of it, and when it does start to wear off it does so quite evenly. I would say out of all of the nude lipsticks i’ve got this is the most “your lips but better” kind of lipstick.

Colourpop Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick in Magic Wand - $6.00 - If I’m having a moment for any lipstick right now, it’s this one. On my skin tone it comes off a bit more of a brown nude rather than a peachy nude, but I do actually prefer that tone when it comes to nude lipsticks. I think the formulation of the Colourpop Ultra Satin Liquid Lipsticks are my favourite out of any liquid lipstick I’ve tried, it’s quite a wet liquid that dries down to a semi matte but somehow it’s really comfortable and manages to keep the lips hydrated. After a few hours the lipstick does wear off a little bit in the centre of the lips but it’s nothing major, I would say you’ll get a solid 4 or 5 hours out of it.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Bow N Arrow - £17.00 - I bought this when I was in Austin, Texas last year and I think i wore it none stop for about 8 months. Bow N Arrow is a brown toned nude and perfect for when I want to create a 90’s grungy look (and if I’m being honest, I’ve usually thrown on my 90’s throwback playlist while doing this). It is quite a dark nude so if your someone who doesn’t like anything too out there on the lips then it’s probably not the colour for you, but if your all about trying to get them Kylie Jennar lips then this is a great shade. My only complaint about this lipstick is that it’s SO drying on the lips, but it’s nothing that some lip balm can’t sort out.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution in Very Victoria - £24.00 - Ah Charlotte Tilbury, the most aesthetically pleasing brand ever. A part of me just loves having the Matte Revolution Lipsticks on my dressing table, but the more logical part of me recognises how great these lipsticks are. The shade Very Victoria was inspired by Victoria Beckham, it’s a taupe nude thats incredibly easy to apply and dries to a matte finish that isn’t drying on the lips (in fact it feels almost hydrating). I love the square shape of the bullet, I do find it so much easier to apply and get a precise line. Pair this with the Pillow Talk Lip Cheat and it’s probably my most fail safe nude lipstick.

Mac Lipstick in Viva Glam II (Satin) - £16.50 - So, after playing with this lipstick for the first time in awhile I realised that this lipstick is way past its expiration date (lip reactions aren’t good!). That being said, I will definitely be repurchasing this at some point because it’s such a good lipstick. It’s quite a muted nude and a great choice for everyday wear, it dries down to a semi matte finish but still has a little sheen so it doesn't look flat. Oh, 100% of the profits from any of the products from the Viva Glam range goes towards the MAC HIV/Aids fund, so that’s a bonus too.

Mac Lipstick in Patisserie (Lustre) - £16.50 - This is one of them cult classics that every blogger has spoken about at some point. Patisserie is a neutral pink and has a Lusture finish, because of this it does give a nice sheen to the lips. Personally I do like my lipsticks to hang around, I’m quite lazy when it comes to reapplying makeup so this isn’t one that I reach for if i know I’ve got a long day ahead of me, but I’d say it’s perfect for the days when I want a minimal makeup look.

So that’s my collection.. What are your must have nude lipsticks?

Steph xo

P.S I’m aware i’ve mentioned the word “nude” way too many times for one post.. oops.


Turning 27 & 10 Things About Me

April 16, 2017

It was my birthday on Monday (April 10th) and I’m now 27! I had to work on my birthday this year and, although I would have preferred a morning lie in, it wasn’t the worst way to spend part of my day either. When I was finished with work I opened some presents and spent some time with my family.. chocolate cake and a couple of glasses of wine may also have been involved at some point. It was one of the most chilled out birthdays I’ve ever had, I feel like with each year I’m relating a little bit more to the saying “it’s just another day”, and each year I become a bit more like a Grandma. I'm totally okay with that.

Anyways I thought seeing as it was the first birthday I’ve had my blog, I’d share a couple of things about me.

1. I’m naturally blonde but I’ve coloured my hair for nearly 11 years. I’m slowly trying to go back to my natural hair colour but it’s a painstakingly long process.

2. I’ve had 14 piercings in total and 1 tattoo (the tattoo I now regret.. don’t get a tattoo on a whim kids).

3. I have a City & Guilds Diploma in Media Makeup & Theatrical Special Effects.

4. I would love to go back in time to watch Queen, David Bowie & Johnny Cash perform.

5. If I could travel to anywhere in the world it would be New Zealand.

6. I am terrified of spiders & wasps, to the point where I won’t go back into the room until it’s been removed. 

7. I’m not a morning person, it takes me at least an hour after getting out of bed to really wake up, and that's with the help of a cup of tea. I envy people who don’t have to set more than 1 alarm in the mornings (serial snoozers I’m with you!)

8. One of my all time favourite TV shows (besides The Office) is Only Fools & Horses, it’s just THE ultimate classic and I can watch it again & again & again.

9. I love reading anecdotes about Bill Murray, he is possibly the coolest man on the planet.

10. I love Halloween. Whether it’s dressing up and going out, or switching all the lights off and putting a horror film on, it’s one of my favourite days of the year!

So I didn’t post anything last week due to life being abit hectic. I’m going to be spending a day over the bank holiday weekend to get everything blog related into order and plan some posts. I hope everyone has a great bank holiday weekend and consumes a serious amount of chocolate!

Steph x


Current Collection - Palettes

April 02, 2017

Make up palettes have to be one of my favourite things to buy. The convenience of having all the products in one place and being inspired to create a number of different looks, plus most palettes are great value for money.. whats not to love about them?
Stila Trust In Love Palette (Discontinued) £30.00 - I haven't tried too much from Stila as its not a brand I find myself looking to alot, but this gift set from their 2015 Christmas collection did catch my eye. It did come with a lipgloss and a mascara but the real winners of the set are the shadows. They have pretty good pigmentation and are easy to blend and the colours are lovely. I find I can create a cool or warm toned eye look with this palette and its a really good one for a more natural eye. The only colours I don’t really get the wear out of are Sapphire (blue) and plum (purple). 

Urban Decay Naked Palette £39.50 - Ahh, the good ole classic. If there is 1 palette that every girl has tried it’s the Urban Decay Naked Palette. There are tons of reviews on this one which go into a lot more detail and are much better written, so I’ll just stick with the basics. There are 12 shades in the palette with the majority of them being warm toned and they have mattes, shimmers and glitters. Again it’s great for creating a neutral eye look (you’ll notice a theme here) and the pigmentation is great so a little goes a long way. “Virgin” is a perfect highlight shade for the brow and inner corners, “Naked” & “Buck” are really great crease colours and my favourite lid colours are “sidecar” & “toasted”.
Charlotte Tilbury Vintage Vamp Palette £39.00 - This was a birthday gift a couple of years ago and while it isn’t one of my most used palettes, it does come out on all the special occasions. There is something so luxury about Charlotte Tilbury products, the packaging.. the products.. just everything about them is perfect! There was a lot of hype around the Dolce Vita palette (which is a neutral lovers dream and STILL on my Wishlist), but I wanted something that wasn’t like all the other shadows I owned. The Vintage Vamp palette is perfect for that 90’s grungy/smokey eye look, and if you have blue eyes (like me) then it really makes them stand out.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette £39.00 - This is my most recent buy and I'm still kind of in love with it. The shade range is again warm toned and neutral, and all of the shades are buttery and bendable and they smell like chocolate! The shade “Marzipan” is probably my favourite colour for all over the lid, its a gorgeous champagne shimmer and the colour “Salted Caramel” is the perfect crease colour. Also as there is so many variations of brown it’s great for doing a soft smokey eye.. I actually get excited when i use this! My only gripe with this palette is the colour “Strawberry Bon Bon” (yeah, that bright pink one), I just don’t see why they would put that colour in a palette full of neutrals. They do make up for it with the other 15 shades though as they are absolutely stunning.

Kat Von D Shade & Light Face Palette £37.00 - I bought this while I was in America last year, I was after a contour palette for awhile (gotta try and fake those Kimmy K cheekbones) and I was deliberating between this one and the ABH contour palette. After reading tons of reviews this one seemed like it would be the best colour for me. Being quite a pale girl (I literally look like casper on any family photos) I needed a contour colour that didn’t have too much warmth, while at the same time wasn’t too grey toned that it washed me out and the shade “subconscious” is perfect. The highlight shades are all matte so they are great for brightening specific areas but I do still tend to apply a separate highlight on top. I use this a lot if I'm doing someone else’s makeup and the colours are quite versatile for different skin tones.

I want to try and get my hands on some of the Morphe palettes next because, well have you seen them!? What are your favourite palettes in your collection?

Steph x

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