7 Nude Lipsticks For Any Look

by - April 23, 2017

I always think a nude lipstick in your makeup collection is what jeans are to your clothing collection.. reliable, easy to wear and can pretty much go with anything. I have 7 nude lipsticks in my collection and at some point or another they were all my go to’s on pretty much a daily basis.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm - £5.50 - The NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm is a peachy nude and with my fair complexion, its probably one of the brightest nudes I own. The formula isn’t like any other lip product I’ve tried, it’s a cream/mousse formula and it glides onto the lips easily. It doesn’t totally dry down like a matte liquid lipstick so that makes it a lot more comfortable to wear, but because of this it’s not the longest lasting lipstick out there. All of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams have quite a sweet scent (think vanilla cupcake) which i personally love, but I think could be bit overpowering for some people.

Colourpop Lippie Stix in Aquarius - $5.00 - This is Kathleen Lights creation, it’s a soft pinky nude and currently one of my most worn lipsticks at the moment. It is a creamy formula with a pretty good amount of pigmentation and leaves a slight gloss to the lips. I don't find I need to reapply much with this one as I can usually get a good 3 hours out of it, and when it does start to wear off it does so quite evenly. I would say out of all of the nude lipsticks i’ve got this is the most “your lips but better” kind of lipstick.

Colourpop Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick in Magic Wand - $6.00 - If I’m having a moment for any lipstick right now, it’s this one. On my skin tone it comes off a bit more of a brown nude rather than a peachy nude, but I do actually prefer that tone when it comes to nude lipsticks. I think the formulation of the Colourpop Ultra Satin Liquid Lipsticks are my favourite out of any liquid lipstick I’ve tried, it’s quite a wet liquid that dries down to a semi matte but somehow it’s really comfortable and manages to keep the lips hydrated. After a few hours the lipstick does wear off a little bit in the centre of the lips but it’s nothing major, I would say you’ll get a solid 4 or 5 hours out of it.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Bow N Arrow - £17.00 - I bought this when I was in Austin, Texas last year and I think i wore it none stop for about 8 months. Bow N Arrow is a brown toned nude and perfect for when I want to create a 90’s grungy look (and if I’m being honest, I’ve usually thrown on my 90’s throwback playlist while doing this). It is quite a dark nude so if your someone who doesn’t like anything too out there on the lips then it’s probably not the colour for you, but if your all about trying to get them Kylie Jennar lips then this is a great shade. My only complaint about this lipstick is that it’s SO drying on the lips, but it’s nothing that some lip balm can’t sort out.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution in Very Victoria - £24.00 - Ah Charlotte Tilbury, the most aesthetically pleasing brand ever. A part of me just loves having the Matte Revolution Lipsticks on my dressing table, but the more logical part of me recognises how great these lipsticks are. The shade Very Victoria was inspired by Victoria Beckham, it’s a taupe nude thats incredibly easy to apply and dries to a matte finish that isn’t drying on the lips (in fact it feels almost hydrating). I love the square shape of the bullet, I do find it so much easier to apply and get a precise line. Pair this with the Pillow Talk Lip Cheat and it’s probably my most fail safe nude lipstick.

Mac Lipstick in Viva Glam II (Satin) - £16.50 - So, after playing with this lipstick for the first time in awhile I realised that this lipstick is way past its expiration date (lip reactions aren’t good!). That being said, I will definitely be repurchasing this at some point because it’s such a good lipstick. It’s quite a muted nude and a great choice for everyday wear, it dries down to a semi matte finish but still has a little sheen so it doesn't look flat. Oh, 100% of the profits from any of the products from the Viva Glam range goes towards the MAC HIV/Aids fund, so that’s a bonus too.

Mac Lipstick in Patisserie (Lustre) - £16.50 - This is one of them cult classics that every blogger has spoken about at some point. Patisserie is a neutral pink and has a Lusture finish, because of this it does give a nice sheen to the lips. Personally I do like my lipsticks to hang around, I’m quite lazy when it comes to reapplying makeup so this isn’t one that I reach for if i know I’ve got a long day ahead of me, but I’d say it’s perfect for the days when I want a minimal makeup look.

So that’s my collection.. What are your must have nude lipsticks?

Steph xo

P.S I’m aware i’ve mentioned the word “nude” way too many times for one post.. oops.

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