April Favourites!

April 30, 2017

April is one of my favourite months of the year, it’s the start of spring, the nights stay lighter just that bit longer.. oh and it’s my birthday! It’s been a bit of a hectic month for me but these are some of my favourite things from it.

I’ve been a wrestling fan (on & off) for nearly 20 years now and every year the WWE have their biggest pay per view in April.. Wrestlemania. I managed to actually go to Wrestlemania in Texas last year, but this year I had to make do with watching it in Camp & Furnace, while there is nothing like actually being there it is a good alternative. Favourite moment has to be The Hardy Boyz making a comeback, and a bittersweet moment at the end where The Undertaker lost his final match and retired (all time favourite, incase anyone was wondering). It was actually a really solid pay per view this year.

I turned another year older on April 10th and I had possibly one of the quietest birthdays i’ve ever had in my life. Unfortunately I had to work on my birthday this year, but I spent my night eating chocolate cake, drinking wine & spending some time with my family. It’s strange to think that a couple of years ago I would make such an event out of my birthday, usually planning a night out in a different city, I think as I get older I’m definitely becoming more of a homebody.

I first heard of The Ordinary through an Instagram story of Fleur De Force, it’s a skincare range of the brand Deciem. The concept behind the brand is to make products using only ingredients that are scientifically proven to help the skin, meaning they are sold at an affordable price point. I placed an order for a couple of products which I’ve been using all month, and I have to say I’m very impressed! I do have a full review of the products coming up in a couple of weeks.

One of my favourite things to do is to listen to music, I pretty much always have something on in the background whatever I’m doing. Whilst I do have my firm favourites, there is something so satisfying about finding an artist that you’ve never heard before.. or the newest song from one of your favourites. I find the Apple Playlists on Apple Music are perfect for this (also Spotify is a great alternative), one of my favourite playlists at the moment and one I have had on repeat this month is the Mellow Days playlist. It has a lot of new music from mainstream artists but there are also some diamonds from newer artists. It gets updated weekly so it is constantly changing, it’s perfect for background music and chilled out days.

I have been wanting to redecorate my room for the longest time and this month I finally decided to just get up and do it. It did take a little longer than expected and I may have had a mini meltdown while doing it, but it’s coming along well. I wanted it to be nice and bright, so I painted the walls white (I’m a poet & I didn’t know it.. okay I’ll stop) and its crazy the difference it makes. I still have a few things to do & a few things to buy but I’m happy with the way it’s turning out.

So a couple of my favourite things from this month, I can’t believe it’s May tomorrow, how quickly is this year going? I’m sure it was like New Years last week.

Steph xo

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