First Glossier Haul - Phase One Set

by - April 11, 2018

Glossier were probably one of the most hyped brands of last year. I think the exclusivity that you could only get glossier if you went to the showroom in NYC, or order online and pay a ton in shipping and customs, made everyone excited when they announced they were going to launch in the UK. I love the whole aesthetic of the brand, very minimalist, very pretty packaging, very fuss free and I think that translates in to the products. I ordered the Phase One set as a starting point (save £8 when ordering the set), which I’ve been using for a few months now.

Milk Jelly Cleanser - £15.00 - I admit, initially I was a little disappointed. With the hype surrounding Glossier and the Milk Jelly Cleanser especially, I thought this would be life changing, it wasn’t. Once I got past my stupidly high expectations and I took the cleanser for what it was, I started to realise that it’s actually a pretty nice product.
I use this as my morning cleanser, it’s a simple and gentle face wash that leaves your face feeling clean and nourished. I think this could work for the second cleanse if your double cleansing at night, but I wouldn’t recommend this to remove makeup. The only thing that bugs me with this cleanser is the scent, to me it smells a little bit like plastic with a hint of a rose scent, so it’s definitely not my favourite scent, but other than that I think it’s a really good, simple cleanser.

Priming Moisturiser  - £18.00 - Another product that comes in the Phase One set is the Priming Moisturiser, the description for this says its “light, buildable, soothes and evens skin tone”. I do think it’s quite soothing on the skin when applied, but at the moment I find that my skin needs just a touch more hydration (thanks to the effects of central heating). I think this would be a brilliant moisturiser for the warmer months because it is light and I find my skin can still breathe underneath it.

Balm Dot Com (in Birthday) - £10.00 - I think the Balm Dot Com may have been one of the first products Glossier actually launched and since then they’ve brought out another 5 scents. I must admit, lip balms don’t excite me when I’m looking at lip products, in fact I think the only 2 lip balms i’ve ever had are the Nivea lip balm sticks and maybe the odd Burt’s Bee’s one, but the Balm Dot Com has become such a cult product that I knew I wanted to try it. I decided to get it in the Birthday scent because I’m a sucker for shiny packaging and that vanilla cake scent, yum! Now I’m not going to pretend that I wear this daily, but when I do it leaves my lips hydrated and soft. The formula is unusual for a lip balm as it dries to a satin, almost matte finish and it does last on the lips for hours, it’s definitely one to leave in your handbag so you can use it on the go.

I’m already planning my next order, I want to try the masks and serums, whats on your Glossier wishlist?  You can get 10% off your first order when ordering here.

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